Monday, 18 January 2010

After the freeze

Thanks to Charlie, a regular and very well informed birder from the Elgin area, for a number of sightings from the West Beach near the golf course. These included 43 Scaup close in; 46 Pale Bellied Geese on the foreshore; Scoters and Long Tailed Ducks at sea as well as a Great Crested Grebe. There was also a Purple Sandpiper on the harbour wall.

We rushed out on receiving the latest email and spotted 33 of the Scaup as well as four Golden Eye to the side of the Scaup and the regular numerous Eider. There was also four Curlew flying overhead.

Interestingly, there was a pair of Red Breasted Merganser fishing near the Golden Eye. This was a first for us in the Nairn area, where we are very used to seeing a pair of Goosander near the shore and at the head of the River Nairn.

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