Saturday, 20 February 2010

Dipper on The River Nairn

On the way home from a lunch at The Broadley Green Garden Centre (which was as good as ever!) we drove south and over the Nairn at Howford on the back road to Househill. Always prepared, Kate spotted a movement up river as we crossed the river and asked me to stop the car. Binoculars in hand she declared it a Dipper feeding from the stones. What a beautiful bird this is - and its fantastic rustic red / brown underbelly and white breast showed brilliantly in my new binoculars - justifying the outlay (or so I keep insisting!). We sat for a while as the Dipper puffed out its feathers to protect itself from the cold, giving us great views.

That’s it for now, we’re rushing off to the Cinema Nairn showing of Cinema Paradiso. The first of the monthly programme of films we are bringing to The Nairn Community and Arts Centre. Everyone is welcome!


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