Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Geese and Farmers

A very quiet few days have passed with little to report. It’s not the birds of course - just me not getting out enough to enjoy all that is going on. Having said that, from the house the skies are getting nosier with skeins of Geese early and late in the day. They are mainly Pinkfoot. It is worth noting the thousands of Geese still occupying the fields by the Gollanfield. I wonder what the farmers think of their fields being overrun by geese at this time of year. Does anyone know if they are reluctant to have these wonderful visitors? I also wonder about the danger of bird strike with all the military activity as well as domestic flights coming into Inverness. Probably not the best time of year to pan a flight!

Kate was out earlier today and heard the regular early spring songs from the Blue and Great Tits, as well as Robin, Dunnock and Song Thrush. She saw a Woodpecker fly overhead and watched a Buzzard soaring over the house.

I am planning more trips around Nairn in the next few days and will update the blog over the weekend.


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