Monday, 5 April 2010

More Long Tailed Duck - and our 'local Redshanks'

A lovely sunny day enticed us down to the east side of the harbour to observe a calm sea. Many folk were out enjoying the weather and a coupe of yachts made their way out to the firth. 20 Long Tailed Ducks sat fairly close in to give good views, as did the local Eider Ducks. Strangely quiet on the waters today, with the odd Shag and Cormorant flying by. The Gannets were nowhere to be seen. The very local Redshanks and Turnstones never fail to give us something to talk about, and we shared our observations with a holiday maker standing on the other side of the harbour. There were 102 Redshank and 32 Turnstones huddled together in he central wall of the harbour. They seem to use this spot to rest while the tide is high; this seems to be a safe haven for them as it is surrounded by water on three sides and fenced off on the forth, so no folk or their dogs can disturb them.


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