Tuesday, 4 May 2010

The Warblers are here

The planned Sunday walk started with us all happed up in coat and scarf and ended in T-Shirts! A lovely sunny end to a great walk from Kingsteps via the RSPB car park along the sand dunes, through the caravan park and down to the harbour (east) and across to The Links Tea Room for a well earned cuppa. We ventured East from The Ministers Pool to see just how far we could make it. The sand has certainly moved and it looks like we will be able to make it much further than usual. We will hopefully try this later in the week.

Back toward town and chatting to the few people that we passed; that’s another great thing about living here, there are so many places to walk around here that you are rarely overwhelmed by other humans when on a quiet walk! Whilst talking to one local I noticed a glorious Osprey gliding above us on its way to some fishing. I let her use my binoculars to get the best view. It really does make for exiting viewing at this time of the year. Just a bit further on we heard our first Whitethroat of the year. If you are familiar to The Dunnock making a racquet in your garden, then add to this just a little bit of subtle tune and some ‘scratchy’ sounds in the middle, and you’ve got a Whitethroat. A beautiful bird, olive brown in colour with….you guessed it, a white throat! This bird usually flies around in a, taking the high ground and marking out his territory as he looks for a mate.

Yet another sound of summer is the beautiful Blackcap (yep, the one with a black cap on its head!). His song has shorter phrases and a bit of a ramble; but more melodic and a fluid; a watery ‘brambling brook’ sound.


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