Wednesday, 11 August 2010

They're still feeding!

Just a quickie to note just how many birds are still feeding their young so far into August. My garden is full of House Sparrow and Pied Wagtail parents feeding their demanding chicks, flitting all over the garden. I noticed a family of Hooded Crows doing the same by the River Nairn. Really surprising is the Sand Martins still taking food to their nests, which implies their chicks are still to fledge. Even though this summer has been a relatively short one, I suspect that these are all be second broods. August is usually a month where the adults hide themselves away to moult and replace their hard working feathers ready for either their migration or for a hard winter.


  1. hi a few days ago while walking over too the allotment saw about ten geese and heard some the other morning as well. do you think these ones are late in going away? we also have birds of prey who are about the site a lot you can hear their calls and also see them hunting.

  2. Hi William. Sorry for delay in relying! I suspect the Geese you heard were Greylags residing here all year. I heard a lot of activity in overhead in August too. As for the Birds of Prey: very likely to be Buzzards calling. Lots of young in the sky now, gettign ready for life on their own.