Sunday, 13 March 2011


Isn't it fascinating just how much the sandbar near the harbour wall of The West Beach has changed over the past few years?  Today's stormy waves made it look even higher, leaving a pool of water unable to get back out to sea.  And then there's the peaty brown pool where the river enters the firth, which seems to retain its size and scale irrespective of the amount of rain and snow melt coming down river.

Anyway, in amongst the whitehorses of the firth, Kate spotted a solitary Goldeneye that had just come down river to go out to sea, but when she tried to have a look at what else was braving the elements, she was nearly blown away (not metaphorically!) - so ran back to the car!

Our friends were visiting from down south for a few days to benefit from the lovely weather we've been having recently (how's that for timing, ha ha!).  They've been very impressed with the snow, wind, rain, hail, cold, damp and mist we've had all weekend!  They have enjoyed the geese though and the fantastic Darnaway ancient tree.

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