Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Capercaillie Repatriated

I'm pleased to report that the Caper has been repatriated to an environment it is better equipped to deal with.  It has spent the month wandering around the gardens of Nairn, giving all of us some great views.  But it has been causing quite a bit of concern to families who's gardens it has frequented the most, and it has had some near misses on the roads of Nairn, so it is much better off where it is now. 

Experts say it appears in good health.

Thanks to all the families who have put up with us running around taking photos and trying to find it a new home.


  1. thats good news as it would be shame if anything bad had become of it, i was so lucky to have seen him and got some photos.
    all the best

  2. I agree Billy - and now I can take a bit of a rest!

  3. Well done Seamus, It was a worry that it could have been injured or killed. A nice pine wood rehab settlement I hope !

  4. I first spotted him early December around the Balmakeith Industrial estate. Couldn't believe my eyes at first - all the time I've spent out in potential areas of Capercallie habitation in the hope of spotting one, for it to be in the company car park rooting around for food on a snowy winters morning!

    He started to turn up on a regular basis so I reported the sightings to the RSPB at the begining of January and I knew this wasn't ideal habitat for him.

    Glad to hear the RSPB/SNH have managed to repatriate him to a more suitable area. Here's hoping he grows up into a robust male to sire an increase in the Capercallie population of the area :-)

  5. Hy mvddryn - take a look at the latest post on the blog - for a picture of the bird back where it belongs! As for repatriation - it was done with the support of the RSPB and SNH, but carried out by a local (licenced) wildlife conservationist. And the support of a small band of volunteers, as well as the local residents.