Friday, 30 March 2012

Nairn Caper - Update

Sorry to everyone who has commented on previous posts without a reply from me!  No excuses.

Thanks for the info on the Snipe; I really regret not being able to get out near the Old Bar as this is a great place for waders in the winter, and not bad in the summer either!  But thanks for the info.

As for the Caper - well we think it was from around our way, but the last of its group, hence the reason for it coming into town looking for a mate!  It has been released north of Abernethy and has been spotted a few times around the same area, which is great news.  We're now just hoping that it pairs with a female and increases the numbers in The Highlands - and our chasing would all be worth while!

Here's a pic just for old times sake!  I hope to put up some pics of Red Kites later, which are now making more regular appearances this side of the firth.


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