Wednesday, 22 May 2013


Swifts are here at last!  I spotted three flying overhead on the road from Kinloss to Forres (I was driving - so no photos!). They are usually around much earlier in May.  They will shortly be in the skies over the Links, where I see them every year.  They also like to fly around church spires - and they make a fantastic screeching sound as they fly overhead.

I saw them whilst on my way home from Burghead where I saw these Ringed Plovers (17 in total) and a solitary Sanderling (the paler one in the middle of the pic).  Just along from these were 27 Sandwich Terns. 

Finally - out at see were Gannets diving for food.  When you are next down at the harbour or anywhere along the beach for that matter, you should be able to see sights like this for the next couple of months.  It will probably be either Gannets or Terns.  Take time to stop and watch them; they are brilliant flyers and fishers!



  1. Had a look along at the RSPB site just past Gardenston , an amazing view of thousands of gannets, guillemots and kittiwakes. Only disappointment was there were no chicks, the cold weather the volunteers said, has delayed the breeding season, so no opportunity to watch the gannets diving. No young to feed, Yet!

  2. That's a great site. But don't worry, keep your eye out over the firth from the harbour (or better still, the Old Bsr) and watch loads of them feeding pretty soon. There are some there now, but more will come!