Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Strathfarrar Winchat - and Osprey Suprise!

Not too far west of here is the beautiful Strathfarrar.  The views and wildlife are enhanced buy the lack of people to get in the way.  We had a day out there a couple of weeks ago and were treated to our first views of Winchat and Whimbrel for years - with a fantastic suprise at the end!

The Winchat can usually be seen in rocky coastal country in summer.  It's a lovely little bird that will often perch high on top of gorse or low branches to give great photo opportunities.

Some of you might have already seen a Whimbrel and thought you were looking at our friends from the beach - the Curlew.  They are very similar except for two distinct differences: the eye and head stripe and the size - it is much smaller.  Take a look at these two pics I took in Strathfarrer.

And whilst driving around in the empty roads you can take in the great views.

After a day full of picnics, the journey home was highlighted by an Osprey feeding on top of a telegraph pole at the side of the Beauly Firth!  Kate hung out of the car window and managed to catch this shot as it flew away!  What a woman!  Well done Kate!

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