Monday, 2 December 2013

Hungry birds at the harbour

The beautiful late afternoon sunshine on Sunday gave me a chance to take a few photos from the harbour pier.  I know Black Headed Gulls aren't the most popular birds in Nairn (especially when you're trying to enjoy a fish supper!), but they can give some lovely photo opportunities.

'Right time, right place' rings true with the photo below. I was concentrating on the Widgeon at the edge of the low tide when I glanced down and noticed this Black Headed Gull paddling its feet in the mud at the edge of the recently dredged mouth of the river.  It was attempting to disturb whatever delights were hiding below.  And down he went, to come up with this tasty morsel!

I was also on the lookout for wintering waders and found this solitary Bar Tailed Godwit wandering around the sandbar near the harbour wall.  I was fascinated at just how fast it vibrated its head as it pierced it into the sand, and look how deep it penetrates! and, as you can see in the last photo, it walked away happy!

See you next time!


  1. These are excellent photos Seamus, well done !

  2. Thanks very much - as I said in the post, right place, right time! Here's hoping it continues!