Thursday, 26 December 2013

Flocks at the harbour

I took the opportunity to get down to the harbour while the weather permitted this morning, and the Knot are still here, and giving great views.  At lunchtime they were sitting on the sandbar on the east Beach, trying to keep their distance from the dogs and walkers.  The sun was low and the views were excellent.

I've tried counting the birds - well over 2,500!  As the tide comes in the space for them to huddle together reduces and they fly in search of a new sandbar - and that is when they give a spectacular show to anyone lucky enough to experience it.  I couldn't wait too much longer as the wind was penetrating!  So I'll be back over the next few days hoping to time it right.

Also on this side of the beach were six Sanderling.  These little waders are noticeable by the way they run along the shoreline back and forward and at some speed!  And the lone Bar Tailed Godwit was feeding again in the sunshine.

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