Tuesday, 28 January 2014

King Eider photo

Thanks to Zimmie for the comment on my previous post, it reminded me of just how good Lossie, Burghead and the coastline east of Nairn is for bird watching and photography.  So I was prompted to talk to other photographers who concentrate their time out that way, to see if they have managed to photograph the King Eider and if so, to ask for their permission to show their photos.

This one was taken this morning at Hopeman east beach by Allan Adam, an excellent photographer from Elgin.  Alan specialises in birds in flight, and here he captured two King Eiders as they were put to flight by the close proximity of a dog walker.

Notice the red bill and golden yellow base, as well as the buff breast.  Compare this to Common Eiders below to see the difference.

I agree with Zimmie when he says how good Burghead harbour is for close ups of Common Eiders (and on some occasions, the King).  Here are a couple of my pics from Burghead from previous visit: the first a male, included here just for comparison with the above (not a great a photo!), and the second a female having a tasty looking snack!

You will see both male and female fairly close in off the harbour wall and promenade toward the golf course at this time of the year.


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