Sunday, 4 May 2014

Dunlin, Ringed Plover and a hungry Heron.

A quick visit to Lossie Estuary on my way to a family lunch resulted in views of Dunlin in breeding plumage, which is a treat for me.  We usually see them over winter on the firth as 'little brown jobs', but as spring arrives they are usually on their way to breeding grounds and catching sight of them is hit and miss.  Luckily I timed this trip just right!  I saw 17 of them today - apparently there were over 200 of them roosting at Findhorn a few days ago!

Ringed Plover at the rear and a Dunlin to the right. Note the black belly only seen breeding season.
As always it's worth popping over to East Beach to see what's about.  This Heron eventually caught itself a good feed.

Sadly, the light was poor as was my photography: the pics aren't very sharp!  But it's still worth a look at the fish in the bill!

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