Thursday, 15 September 2016

An afternoon at Lossiemouth Estuary

A few pics from an afternoon at Lossie.  They show what a bird has to go through to hold on to its food.  This goosander was being harassed by gulls a crows as it desperately tried to swallow a fish that was not designed to go down a ducks neck!  It managed to swallow it eventually.

I was taught a big lesson photographing this one.  I had just taken a few landscape shots along the estuary and had set a very slow shutter speed to increase the depth of field - and then the goosander flew in to range.  So I quickly swapped lenses and started taking photos of it struggling with the gulls - but I didn't change the shutter speed!  There I was thinking I had lots of great action shots - but all I got was blur!  I have posted one of the pics at the end, as it shows the mayhem that was going on in the water.  I actually quite like the effect of the blur - so maybe I should say I did it deliberately!

Gull fighting with goosander for food

Goosander walks away victorious

And here's the blurred one.  The goosander's under water!

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