Tuesday, 15 November 2016

A regular winter visitor, Part One: Waxwings

A quick 60 minute drive around the country roads south of Nairn and Auldearn stopping at certain points to spot the birds uncovered three of the main winter visitors that grace our fields and gardens.

The first pleasant surprise was a flock of Waxwings sitting atop the large tree at the entrance to the hospital carpark, bordering Station Park football ground.  Even under difficult light conditions, the camera managed to highlight the wonderful markings on the birds.

The golden crest and the bright yellow tip to the tail and wings are a real give away.  When it is a dull day these birds can appear bland and dull, and you could assume they are a flock of starlings in the tree.  Look a wee bit closer and you'll see they are a bit bigger and fly out from the tree and back to the same branch.  Once spotted, never forgotten!

They visit us from Scandinavia when the wind is in the right direction, coupled with a shortage of food in their native Scandinavia.  They travel in large flocks and can be seen in car parks and anywhere berries are found on trees.

Part Two: Fieldfare, to follow in a few days.

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