Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Brent Geese on the Footie Pitch (and some Bar Tailed Godwit)

Yet another beautiful day in Nairn today, so I went down to the golf course to see what was on the beach.  First sighting was of this pair of Bar Tailed Godwits feeding with Oyster Catchers.
The Godwits are the paler birds

Then over to the Links to look for the Brent geese that I've been told have been feeding on the cricket pitch.  Well I was too late for that as a dog had just chased them off, but I saw them on the footie pitch instead.  It's quite a new venture for them (I think).  Normally they feed off the eel grasses on the beach.  But a friend tells me tat the latest sand movements have covered these grasses, and now they look to have found a suitable replacement!

I sat for two (getting colder) hours waiting for them to fly - but had to settle for the Oyster Catchers flying over their heads instead.

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