Thursday, 19 September 2019

Swallow Migration

You've probably noticed the swallows congregating on the telegraph wires in preperation for their long migration back to warmer climes in Africa.  Some are still raring their young (probably 2nd or 3rd broods).  For some the journey starts earlier this month, but others can hang around until October.  UK birds travel as far as South Africa and Namibia on a six week journey that takes them over France, Spain and Morocco and then the Sahara Desert and the Conga rainforest!

This one was photgraphed near Conicaval today.
They are daytime flyers covering around 320km (200miles) each day, and roost in large flocks in their traditional stop over spots in reed-beds at night.  Luckily the swallow hasn't got to fatten up before they set off as they feed on the wing, catching flying insects.

(Thanks to the RSPB for the info).

Oh - and here's a flying insect I found in my garden.  No idea what it's called!

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