Saturday, 27 February 2010


The weather has subsided and we ventured out for quick walk down river from the A96 road bridge to the Firth. Four Goosander were very evident in the river and as ever, close attention to the stone covered shoreline will uncover a few Turnstones - you've got it, turning the stones! What a great little bird this is, its presence given away by the gentle noise of stones knocking against each other. A number of Redshanks were huddled behind the rescue vehicle parked in the central harbour wall. This is a favoured spot for Redshanks.

We also spotted a solitary Moorhen on the river - I don't recall seeing many here. By the way, just in case you’re interested, the Nairn Cygnets have fledged at last! They left the parents last week, nine months to the day after they were hatched, and we spotted the two parents enjoying a well deserved snooze near the footbridge over the Nairn!

Over the past few weeks we have noticed a lot of Buzzard activity overhead and on the fence posts around Nairn - no doubt getting preparing for a busy spring. Here's hoping.....


  1. their was quite a few buzzards around the allotment last year and i am sure they will be back this year. as they have a good food source in the fields around the allotment site. its good too see these birds.

  2. Thanks William. I have noticed a number of buzzards over the last few days, all busily preparing to feed their new chicks. When driving around the smaller roads south of Nairn they are often on the telegraph poles or fence posts hoping I continue to drive bye. If I slow down, they fly away to a safer place.

    I was out along Stath Conon today and was very surprised by the number of buzzards close and the Red Kites too!