Monday, 1 March 2010

Redpoll and Goosanders

Well, the weather is with us and we went for a lovely walk down to Kingsteps and behind the sand dunes to the Park Dean Holiday Park and down to the east harbour wall.

The excitement started with a view of a Lesser Redpoll in the wooded area on the north side of Old Bar Road. He was sitting high on a garden feeder as 10’s of finches hurried around it getting their fill. (It’s great to see so many garden feeders these days – I just hope the people living in the gardens are OK with me and my binoculars!). On from there to the Ministers Pool where loads of Black Headed Gulls – some with fully coloured heads already – were wading. On the beech were the usual Redshanks and Turnstones and they were accompanied by a small number of Bar Tailed Godwits.

Not a great number of sightings really, but on the way up the River Nairn path toward the A96, four Goosanders were diving. We usually only see two here – so it looks like another couple have discovered what a good site it is!

A lovely day – and signs of spring in the air at last!

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