Thursday, 11 February 2010

Low Tide

A walk out to the end of the harbour wall when the tide's out can be a treat for anyone - but for bird watchers, it's a guaranteed delight! A lone Greylag goose preening itself right up against the wall, seemed unusually undisturbed by a couple of young lads walking bye. And pottering around the goose was a sole Turnstone noisily clattering pebbles over and over as it hunted its prey. Not too far away was 30 (ish) Redshanks rushing around the shoreline and three Bar Tailed Godwits slightly more onto the beech. A dog owner ushered his dog into the waders to watch them flee. They all flew as one toward the harbour and settled down again to carry on their feeding. Many, many gulls (Common, Herring and Black Headed) were feeding at the edge of the waves and the Eiders flew past looking for a resting place further out to sea.

Just before I headed back to the warmth of the town centre, 12 Widgeon flew in to join the Mallards and gulls on the edge of the tide to see what’s available for them and on the way back to town I loved observing the hoards of Oyster Catchers feeding on the Links. All in all, a great way to spend an hour in Nairn - at the harbour!

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