Thursday, 11 March 2010

Brent Geese are still here!

I was wrong! In a previous blog I'd commented on not seeing the Brents for some time and assumed they had headed off. Well today, 23 of them were feeding on beach west of the golf club. It was good to see them!

Further east toward the harbour wall, 14 Widgeon resting among about one hundred of Black Headed Gulls and Herrings and Commons. There was a real mêlée further out at sea with undreds of gulls sitting or diving into a very small section fo the water, no doubt feeding on a bountiful quarry. There were smaller sea birds too, but my telescope is not powerful enough to identify, and the sea was very rough which makes it even tougher. Our regulars are always about though – the Eiders, Turnstones and Oyster Catchers.

Talking of a mêlée out at sea. A few days ago Charlie reported a similar sight off Burghead – and ‘the largest number of dolphins he had seen in the area’. So it’s worth keeping your eye out for both dolphins and Minke Whales.

Further afield. Yesterday we went up toward the foot hills of Ben Wyvvis around Loch Ussie. Lots of activity here with trees full of Fieldfare patrolling their area in groups. Flying from tree to tree and then onto the field to feed. Lots of smaller passerines, mainly finches and Tits. A Greater Spotted Woodpecker bounded across the open field to the safety of the nearby trees.

I will be talking more about this area over the ext few months as we plan to visit there regularly.


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