Friday, 12 March 2010

Look what can be spotted when you're not bird watching!

This is a short post to show what can be observed even when you are not ‘bird watching’ when you are in the great countryside that surrounds Nairn.

We were driving back from Brodie on the back roads to Nairn when we spotted two Rooks displaying in a field. Proof that spring is here as we sat watching them do the business and making us feel slightly voyeuristic, so we left them to it. We drove on, only to be distracted by 10 Herons standing together in the next field looking for something to do! There necks were tucked into their chests and they resembled grey standing stones. Two Mallards swam near the car in a small flood as 19 Oyster Catchers pecked around the rim of the flood.

We were now late for an appointment at home, but had to stop again alongside the next field because 60 Curlew were feeding with 26 Oyster Catchers.

And all this in a 10 minute ‘rush home’!


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