Sunday, 25 April 2010

We're back - and so is the Osprey!

Well, how things have changed! I’ve been away for 10 days and come back to an Osprey, a Willow Warbler and a beach full of Swallows and Martins!

Before I left I was getting all excited about my first sighting of a Swallow and hearing a Chiff-Chaff. Whilst down south I heard (and then saw) a Willow Warbler with its lovely cascading warble, and wondered if they had made it home yet. Well, this afternoon one was singing proudly in the small wooded area on the south side of Lochloy Road near the disused quarry. And then, with numerous Skylarks singing overhead, we caught our first sight of an Osprey. What a fantastic and majestic bird this is. It was gliding south, probably after an afternoon fishing on The Black Isle, and it gave us great views of the power of its wings and its striking white body. A little earlier we had seen a Buzzard, Kestrel and a Sparrowhawk; that makes four birds of prey in one afternoon on a small walk on the east side of Nairn. I told you this is a great place to live!

The day started with a quick pop to the golf course car park and I was rearly surprised by the number of Swallows and Martins (both Sand and House), flying low over the rocks. Very hard to count them as they were swirling all over the place; probably up to a hundred.

And then, just as I was marvelling at the changes in such a short period of time, I noticed 10 Brent Geese on the same beech! Add to this a field full of Pinkfoot near Golanfield earlier in the day! I was sure they would have headed north by now; but deep down I’m pleased they are still here as they make a great sight!

Here’s to a great spring and summer! See you soon.


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