Sunday, 11 April 2010

My First Chiff-chaff

What a beautiful day! 19 degrees at one point, and when in the shelter from the breeze, absolutely lovely, made even better by my first Chiff-chaff of the year. I heard it first (as always) and luckily the trees are still bare enough to be able to see it as well, flitting about a Silver Birch in Lakenbuie Wood. All the regular residents were singing their hearts out as well. I saw my second Swallow. too; Soon the skies will be full of them.

I went out to see the geese at Gollanfield – far, far too many to count this time, well into the thousands; but no Snow Goose for me I’m afraid. While there I popped into the wee loch on the southside of the A96 near the airport (not loch Flemington) to see 10 Tufted Ducks and two beautiful Buzzards sitting on fence posts overlooking the loch.


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