Friday, 14 May 2010

Looking Eastward

There’s me thinking how quite it’s been around Nairn over the past few days; and assuming that all the birds are sticking to their nests waiting for the rush. Then I get a couple of emails from around Elgin way detailing great sightings! It looks like these people are more energetic than me!

So, to let you know what is about from two people on the same day! (And here’s hoping that they are willing to come over our way!):

40 Crossbils seen in pine wood just outside Elgin, Ring Ouzel at Ardcanny Farm by Rothes, two male Blackcaps singing there hearts out down by the Spey near Rothes
And then, at Tugnet at mouth of the Spey, 64 Goosanders (half males and females), 50 Common Scoter on the sea and one Little Tern flying upriver,5 Shellduck,1 Corn Bunting

And add to this a pure white Pheasant!

So thanks to my contacts in the east for the info, and guess where I’ll be over the next few days!


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