Thursday, 20 May 2010

The Swans

I’ve just got back from my first chance to do some spotting for a week or so; even though I am always on the look out! What a humid day it is too! I'm already struggling!

Pretty much the same as last time really; the birds must be busy at the nest because it was so quiet again. Plenty of Swallows and House Martins (no Sand /Martins this time) and a number of Swifts at last. Out on the firth, three Eiders slept and a Cormorant fished. No sign of the Goosanders either.

On the river a pair of Herons fished, with one really struggling to deal with an eel it had unearthed. There were a two Mallards shepherding 12 chicks (yes, 12!). I suspect they were from more than one pair and that there was some baby sitting going on! As for chicks, I saw the pair of ‘Nairn Swans’ chase off the Heron; I suspect it is a real threat to the Swans brood.

Talking of which; I noted five chicks with them today, but did notice the pair of them back on the nest on my way home. More to come? Well, according to ‘Simply Superb Swans’ blog at eight were laid, six hatched and one cygnet was taken by a Hoodie. Two eggs remain un hatched and the Pen is busily trying to hatch it. The protector of the Nairn Swans suggests that he may remove the final two eggs to prevent the Pen from being distracted form other duties. I suppose he knows what he is doing. This is a really good blog and keeps tab s on what is happening on our river. IT talks of Sand Martins nesting; I did spot them nesting some weeks ago, but no sign of them today.

Lots of noise from the song birds: Willow Warbler; Chaffinch, Goldfinch, Linnet, Wren, Robin, Song Thrush, all as I walked down Lochloy Road and down to the harbour. I am always thrilled to hear the Skylark form my back door, but the space is running out and they will be moved on soon as the houses keep going up. Our garden is becoming a bit more interesting for the birds, as Sparrows and Starlings and the odd paid off Hoodies are becoming much more frequent visitors.


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