Tuesday, 28 September 2010

And then there were eight - or is it nine?!

The Goosanders really are back in larger numbers (relatively, for here anyway). Eight of them have grouped around the Island near the head of the river. I saw a lone one out at sea near the golf course: it was well into its eclipse stage and looked very scraggy. So is this nine I wonder?

Also at sea yesterday was a brilliantly coloured Eider Duck; its yellow throat very prominent. A cormorant fished close to a Great Black Back Gull as a Dolphin sauntered by, to the excitement of a couple standing lose to me, wondering what I was looking at.

As usual, the harbour wall at high tide was full of Redshanks and Turnstones. Up to 150 of the former and about 10 Turnstones. It is odd how big they look when standing around in a group. When I observe them feeding on the waters edge along with other waders they look much smaller. It must be the combination of light and shade, and the proximity of larger waders to tower over them.

By the way, I said that the Martins have been blown away last week: well I saw two more over my house on Sunday (26th September). So they haven’t given up just yet. I also said how quiet the Great Tits have been; the Robins are making up for it though! They are all over town, singing there hearts out with their sad lament. We have one that uses our next door neighbours roof as a singing perch; and what a noise! First thing in the morning through to last thing at night, well into the dark, he sings and sings, and sings, and sings……!


  1. the geese have been on the go also while we were at the allotment on sunday four birds of prey flying about overhead. plus two robins they were busy picking up worms as i was lifting tatties and they were busy singing away as well.

  2. we are at Gollanfield and still have a family of 5 swallows in our garage. The young ones had their first flight last tuesday. This is the third family the parents have raised this year.

  3. Hi Alan, sorry for the late response. Is this a regular late brood in your garage? I wonder if the chicks can build up enough strength to make it out of the country. I was up near Dingwall last Wednesday and someone told me they had just seen two Swallows - in the middle of October and in a heavy snow shower!

    William – you must be getting some great views of the swans from the allotment. Have you seen many Fieldfares or Redwings yet?