Friday, 24 September 2010

The Island on The River Nairn

So much for me saying that the Swallows had gone. I was walking along the river at lunchtime (Friday) and two brave soles were battling with the icy wind! I suspect that was their final farewell though.

I had a good look at the island in the middle of the river as I was passing; it was full of life! Birds all avoiding the wrath of the extra large swell sweeping up river as the tide poured in. There were five juvenile and female Goosander preening alongside plenty of Mallard. A Dipper, one of two that have been around, was dipping (not surprisingly) on the shore and a Siskin huddled in the reeds. Two Grey Wagtails fluttered around the island.

The island is a real haven for wildlife, and provides a wonderful natural habitat to give the wildlife a welcome helping hand: so well done Joe!


  1. I agree, it is a haven and also a pretty good swans nest site. Admired by many, and now globally recognised. Long may it last!

  2. Seamus, I saw 8 goosanders on the island this afternoon !