Saturday, 26 February 2011

Pinkfoot Return and Bramblings remain.

The Pinkfoot Geese have ben returning in small numbers over the past few weeks; but today I saw a report that a flock of 10,000 over at Cloves (just south of Alves) this afternoon.  We saw two very large skeins on the east side of Nairn around 4:30pm today.  It looked like a spectacular dark cloud on the horizon: probably the same flock, so expect to see the skies and fields around Nairn full of Geese very soon!

 It's also worth noting that Brambling are still around: two (male and female) amongst a large flock of about 90 Chaffinch on the roadside behind Brodie Castle, and one on a garden feeder in Cawdor.

When the weather is as good as it has been lately, the flocks of Chaffinches can be very colourful.  Just sit quietly as they settle around you and always keep an eye out for Brambling in flocks of Chaffinches at this time of year; they can be spotted by the brilliant white stomach, bellow the lovely orange tinted breast (as shown in the not very good picture above!).

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