Thursday, 12 January 2012

The Merryton Crescent Capercaillie! Have you seen it?

There have been a number of reports of a Capercaillie wandering around the gardens of Merryton Crescent, and over by Bridgmill!  (And I've just been told of a sighting in Lochloy Crescent.)  Thanks to those of you who have contacted me with the news.  I suspect it might be an escaped bird, or maybe unwell; but it would be good to see it.

Has anyone managed to get a photo and would you be willing to post it on this blog?

This is what they look like - and it's not my photo!
I'll be out and about on Friday and the weekend; camera and binoculars in-hand, hoping to grab a look; so if you see a man sneaking around looking over people's garden's with binoculars - it's me and I apologise!



  1. Good luck with the search, would be great to see some images

  2. Here's a video of it in Boathpark, it's been in my neighbours back gardens all day! -

  3. Fantastic! Thanks. I've taken advice and it seems that this could be a true wild bird that's a bit lost! It needs to keep its head down and avoid the traffic and hopefully it will find its way out to more wilder territory before the traffic gets it!