Thursday, 17 May 2012

Dava - Short Eared Owl

I was driving over Dava (Ferness to Carrbridge road) about 9:30 this morning, through the fog and snow, when I saw up ahead what initially looked like a gull gliding low over the verge heading south. I caught up with it and slowed to its speed to find it was a Short Eared Owl! (Female I think). I followed it for 1/4 mile, only for it to land on a fence post 10 metres from me, and sit there staring at me for a couple of minutes! It gave me time to pull over off the road and to get my binoculars trained on it for a while.

Where's the photo I hear you ask? Well, as I left the house this morning rushing off to Stirling, I took my binoculars out of my camera bag, and for the first time in ages, told myself that it was pointless to take the camera in this weather - far too dull! Well, little did I know I woudl have this opportunity 10 metres away..... But who cares - at least I had my precious binoculars with me!

It goes to show what you can see if you're in the right place at the right time - and you are aware of your surroundings, as you need to be whilst concentrating 100% on driving.

But I've learnt my lesson re the camera - carry it regardless!

Happy spotting.


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