Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Loch Flemington

It's freezing clod, wet and windy, and I've been struggling to find the energy to get out and photograph the bird activity.  They continue regardless of the weather - they have to take advantage of any food they can get as the breedign season hits the peak.

Kate and I did get over to Elgin last week to get some great views of a pair of Marsh Harriers.  Wonderful, large and elegant birds of prey.  Fantastic to have them in our area.

Anyway, I've just been looking through some pics I took at the beginning of April to prove to myself that we have had some warm and sunny weather this year.  Here are a few shots from Loch Flemington to prove it.  The small ducks in the 3rd picture are male and female Tufted Ducks, a regular sight on the loch.

 But this view shows the low sun and imminent rain!

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