Saturday, 20 April 2013

Willow Warblers have arrived - at last.

They're here at last!  The wonderful cascading sound of Spring.  That is the Willow Warbler song, sung high in the trees in gardens and beyond.  I heard my first two singing this morning in the quarry behind Old Bar Road and a third one in the trees along the Dunbar Golf Course and Lochloy Road.

These two pics were taken last year.

The Blackcaps will be singing soon too.  They have a lovely liquidy (not a real word!) bubbly song, and sing from the tops of the trees.  When I hear one I'll pop a picture on so you can look out for them.

You'll probably have noted the skies are full of Martins and Swallows.  They've only been around for about a week - but they are here in very large numbers.  The Sand Martins are already looking at the holes in the embankment along the river, ready to start nesting.  Stand on the Merryton Bridge and just watch how acrobatic these birds are!



  1. Pleased to report Willow Warblers also as far east as Auldearn :)

  2. We had a blackcap at our bird feeder a few days ago.

  3. Sorry should have said where.....manse road