Saturday, 11 May 2013


Thanks to Zimmie for reporting Blackcaps feeding in the garden.  Since then I have seen a couple in my back garden and heard them singing in Kingsteps Quarry.  When you see them notice the black top to the head - hence the name.  The female / juvenile male has a reddy brown cap.  And don't forget the song - a lovely, bubbly ramble.

Here are a couple of pictures from the quarry taken last year - the male is blurred, but it shows the cap. 

By the way - there are still a small group of Waxwings in the area!  A friend spotted 11 in her garden last week, this seems very late for them to be here, but I'm not complaining!  One last thing - keep your eyes open for the swifts.  A flock of 22 were spotted near Elgin today.  These are different form Swallows and Martins and will usually be seen around church spires and older buildings.

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