Friday, 16 May 2014


I didn't have the heart to prevent this mouse from flitting from one end of the garden to the other once it was disturbed!  The mother risked her life six times to move her babies away from a rampant gardener, whilst gambling that the man with the camera was harmless!  I know I'll regret it if the family make their way into the house, but who am I to get in the way of nature.  (Now if it was a rat, I would have.........!).  On the other hand, I'd love to see a bird or prey visit the garden for a snack!

Mother at her nest

Heading toward the new home, passing the strawberries.

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  1. Seamus, how could you even think of a bird of prey after witnessing such a fabulous sight. Don't forget where you originated from, and you can see how when you look at that mouse !