Wednesday, 18 June 2014


We had a lovely day at our favourite place in the country at the weekend (although it is getting a bit busy!)

Here are a few birds we saw on the day.

Willow Warbler
 We really struggled with this one!  Our instinct was that it was a Willow Warbler - but it is a very pale version.  If it had sung it would have been confirmed - but it stayed quite.  But, once we checked the photos on the computer we confirmed it as a Willow Warbler.  In general they are still singing, but not in so many numbers now.  In my experience these will soon go quite; around the end of June.
Common Sandpiper

Every summer the Common Sandpiper visits Lochindorb.  It's presence is signaled by a very familiar, high pitched call.  Always check the shoreline for one, or at most two (paired) birds.  Their flight is low over the water with very quick wing beats.
Common Sandpiper

Oyster Catcher

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