Sunday, 25 January 2015

Don't miss the Knot.

It's been a little bit too cold for me to sit on the pier for hours trying to capture more photos of the Knot again, and the sand is blocking my path anyway!  But I keep an eye out for them from the car.

On Saturday I pulled into the car-park at the harbour for a quick look to see if the they were there. The tide was in and I saw what looked like a wave splashing up over the East Beach wall, only to realise it was the Knot flying very low and turning their bellies into the sun.

They were moving eastward toward the sandbar and creating swarming, moving funnels in the sky, flashing dark and light as they turned.  Fantastic!  Anyone lucky enough to have been on the beach would have had great views.  I suspect they were close to the harbour only seconds before I got there.

I couldn't capture them on camera this time, but luckily I had my binoculars and so I could follow them all the way out toward the large sandbar on the east beach. But, always looking for an excuse to re-post my favourite picture of them, here is the one I took earlier!


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  1. We have had a group of Linnets at our sunflower hearts feeder today, we ve been at west end Nairn for 15 years and have never seen them here before.
    Also for a few weeks now we have a solitary blackcap, something else that we haven't seen here before either.