Saturday, 10 April 2010

First Swallow and have the geese really gone this time?

I meant to say that we saw our first Swallow of the year; flying over the sand dunes just west of The Harbour on Thursday. Soon the sky will be full of them!

In the early hours of this morning we were awoken by calling geese flying over the house. This sounds like they really are on the way north. It’s a shame as they have given some great spectacles this spring. Finally, I heard some linnets making a racket over our neighbours house and looked up to see them harrying a Sparrowhawk. Always listen out for unusual sounds above you as groups of birds get together and make loud alarm calls as they fly at the hawks to ‘scare’ them off.

As I’m writing this I can hear a really unusual call from across the road. It has a Chaffinch’s ‘tone of voice’, but I have never heard a Chaffinch making that call before. I have just scanned the area and it is a Chaffinch! That’s a new one for me.



  1. hi the geese were at the flyover when i was on my way too inverness today. also spotted the two swans in the pond before the roundabout too the airport. looks like they are going too be nesting.

  2. Hi William. I agree; I think the swans are nesting there too. Yesterday I was about 30 Tufted Duck in the pond as well.