Friday, 9 April 2010

Snow Goose

Keep your eye out for Snow Goose; three of them have been spotted in a field near Golanfield. Confusingly, two of them are the 'Blue Goose' variety! The Blue version has a brownie body and a white neck and head. The white version is just that; white. At first sight you could assume it was the farmhouse plain white goose. It's not; it's either a rare vagrant from NE Siberia, or some escapees from captivity.

As for our Pinkfoot; there still here. We saw 3,000 of them feeding in a field near Househill. It was probably them flying over last evening, so I'm heading back to Househill now just in case!


PS - lots of Long Tailed Ducks close in by the Golf Course car park.

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